More young people achieve their DofE than ever before

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Charity (DofE) announced today that DofE Award achievers reached unprecedented levels in 2014/15. Thousands more young people secured a Bronze, Silver or Gold DofE Award, amounting to a 3.3% increase in Awards achieved throughout the period in comparison to 2013/14, and totalling 111,859 young people.

Being able to reference a DofE Award on CVs and then talk about the transferrable workplace skills and attributes gained such as team working, resilience, communication and drive, is shown to open doors when applying for jobs. More young people in the UK reaching this world-class standard means that more will benefit from being a DofE Award holder when transitioning from education to work at a time when, whilst decreasing, youth unemployment is still high and poses a significant threat to young people’s prospects.

The DofE’s annual statistics also show that more organisations, including schools, academies, colleges, local authorities, youth clubs and young offender institutions are running the DofE, with Licensed Organisations growing by a record-breaking 41% to 1,269 throughout the UK. The DofE’s model to directly license schools has helped it to navigate youth service cuts and enable young people to start and continue their DofE journeys.

With the DofE’s Diamond Anniversary celebrations around the corner in 2016, the Charity has never been more relevant, positively influencing this generation and with the potential to impact many more young lives in the future.

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